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The sires at Chimney Rock are our pick of bulls that rank at the top of the industry for their combination of calving ease, growth, carcass and maternal excellence as well as the inherent traits the Brangus breed is known for in their ability to shed hair, stay sound and live long productive lives, in turn driving more profit to your bottom line. We focus on producing functional, fault free cattle that can and will work in the real world. These cattle have been carefully selected over multiple generations for consistency in an attractive type, multi-trait data excellence, quality sheath design, disposition and most importantly fertility. Use these sires with confidence, knowing what to expect each and every time.

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Bullet Proof 53K30

Registration Number: 10520395
Date of Birth: August 21, 2022
Sire: Suhn’s TTT LM Signal 30E13
Dam: Suhn’s Ms Trail Boss 53E2
Owned with: Lawman Ranch Okmulgee, OK

  • Practical from the ground up, Bullet Proof brings a lot to the table in terms of the economically relevant traits today’s bull buyers require and does so in the right size and type of package.
  • Calving ease numbers with excellent balance from performance to maternal to carcass, he stacks 14 traits in the top 25% or higher.
  • The cow family behind Bullet Proof has proven itself a source of functionality and fertility and his dam is the high selling 53 to date at $65,000.
  • Bullet Proof should add balance across the board with extra predictability.
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Bourrée 30K97

Registration Number: 10520091
Date of Birth: September 6, 2022
Sire: GACC Data Bank 102H3
Dam: Suhn’s Miss Bruiser 30F74
Owned with: Soileu Cattle Co Bunkie, LA

  • One of the top sources of power to sell this fall, and the highest selling son of Data Bank in his first calf crop, Bourrée is massive in his internal capacity and bone.
  • Out of a cow family that is responsible for as many herd sires as any tribe in the last 20 years in the Brangus breed, and out of a rising star donor in the CRC herd.
  • Impressive individual performance with a moderate BW of 82# spanning to an impressive 1365# yearling weight.
  • Use Bourrée to add pure power and substance loaded with cow family strength.
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New Heights 415K50

Registration Number: 10520372
Date of Birth: August 26, 2022
Sire: CB Masterpiece 2051F
Dam: CB Ms Chisholm 415B
Owned by: Capote Cattle Co Newberry, FL

  • A crowd favorite from the fall 2023 sale at Chimney Rock, New Heights is an extremely impressive individual with a world of body, shape and mass.
  • Backed by a dam who was a long-time, consistent producing donor at CRC prior to going to Somers Valley, she’s at the front end of the 415 females in the breed over the last decade. 
  • A bull with more natural power, muscle and bone than many of his paternal brothers, New Heights is full of balance.
  • Use New Heights on a wide range of females as a moderate BW sire with added growth, maternal and carcass merit in tow.
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CB Silencer 60K48

Registration Number: 10516211
Date of Birth: August 10, 2022
Sire: CB Blount 607G7
Dam: CB Ms Business Line 60G43

  • A fresh look and proven pedigree in an individual who presents himself with world-class appeal and usefulness. 
  • Silencer encompasses the balance the industry desires with emphasis on performance and carcass traits in an eye appealing package.
  • Backed by a cow family who entered the breed through the UB program, his great granddam is on the short list of many as one of the greatest Angus cows to enter the Brangus population in this century.
  • Silencer should prove to be a source of substance, power, carcass merit, and maternal function on UB and Brangus cows alike.
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Registration Number: 10482103
Date of Birth: February 15, 2021
Sire: SF Brick House 909D9
Dam: Suhn’s Ms Trail Boss 53E2

  • With his first calf crop one of the highlights of 2023 at Chimney Rock, Expansion has proven to be an outstanding source of consistency and balance in type across the board. 
  • Controlling sheath design and increasing marketability, Expansion adds more volume and mass than his sire. 
  • Backed by one of the great females from the 53 cow family developed in the Suhn herd, his dam was the $65,000 selection of Reggie McDaniel in Houston in 2022.
  • Use Expansion as an outcross to Three D and related progeny as an option that will produce R# cattle when bred to Brangus.
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Never Enough 30J

Registration Number: R10477087 
Date of Birth: February 22, 2021
Sire: Never Surrender of Salacoa 803D9
Dam: T3 Ms Three D 30D

  • A power packed herd sire selected by Chimney Rock as the high seller at $35,000 from T3 through the inaugural Pine Belt Alliance Sale in 2022. With chart topping WW, YW, REA, HP and Terminal Index figures, the added extension and power in Never Enough will be a great compliment to Ultrablack and Brangus breeders across the globe. Backed by one of the most prolific producing Three D daughters in existence, Never Enough is the most powerful son of 30D and Never Surrender, respectively, on the market and should see that substance propagated through his offspring.
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Intrigue 70H

Registration Number: 10438360 
Date of Birth: March 01, 2020
Dam: WO MS 70D1

  • Impressive from multiple angles, Intrigue progeny have hit the ground running, seeing increased use in the fall of 2022 and beyond. Noted as an extremely impressive mature sire, he is massive bodied and hipped with a great sheath design and superior extension and smoothness in his front 1/3. With his progeny replicating his phenotype, his elite IMF EPD and balance performance add value at an even higher level. One to use for an increase in carcass, quality, and style in a pedigree package with a different twist, put Intrigue on the short list.
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Registration Number: 10490384 
Date of Birth: August 24, 2021

  • The future of the BEEF business is now, and the future lies within the $72,000 Triple Crown. An elite, multi-trait leader, his combination of data is rivaled only by his impeccable physical makeup. Sound from the ground up and built to appeal to any regional or continental geographic location, his body, shape, structure and sheath design fit the needs of the industry today AND tomorrow. Calving ease, with 6 traits in the top 5%, a true no holes individual, use Triple Crown on a wide range of females and contemporary groups where more balance, consistency and performance is needed.
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Valour 30H18

Registration Number: 10462513 
Date of Birth: October 7, 2020
Sire: Never Surrender of Salacoa 803D9
Dam: T3 Ms Three D 30D

  • Here is the prospect admired by the entire breed, and the highest selling son in history of the high revenue generating donor, T3 Ms Three D 30D. Valour was the $64,000 people's choice at Quail Valley in 2021 and the Never Surrender son, who best combines bold muscle shape, eye appeal, looseness of structure, and moderation of frame into a package that is truly multi-dimensional.
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Data Bank 102H3

Registration Number: 10453285 
Date of Birth: March 6, 2020
Sire: Suhn's TTT LM Signal 30E13
Dam: GACC Ms Business Line 102F3

  • Calving ease, performance, maternal and carcass in a near perfect phenotype package, Data Bank was recognized by many top cattleman as one of the leading herd sire prospects to sell in 2021. Data Bank's dam is the top daughter in production of Business Line to date and his granddam is one of the greatest Angus females to ever enter the Ultrablack program. Utilize Data Bank to moderate without sacrificing performance at any end.
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Kingpin 53H4

Registration Number: 10448139 
Date of Birth: February 5, 2020
Sire: Suhn's Trail Boss 30B3
Dam: Suhn's Miss Foundation 53D2

  • What many called the "sleeper" of the Suhn sale in 2021, Kingpen is a moderate framed, deep sided, stout made UB2 with no Three D in his pedigree and the ability to make R# Brangus when mated to Brangus.
  • Stemming back to one of the most versatile Angus cows utilized in the Suhn program, his dam is a classy Foundation daughter with the same exceptional udder structure and design we see in those females.
  • Kingpen's sire remains one of the most exclusive carcass sources in the breed, and one of that does it with far more eye appeal than most.
  • Utilize Kingpen to add body, stoutness and bone in a moderate package, with the bonus ability to make R# or UB cattle.
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Alliance 30H20

Registration Number: 10448137 
Date of Birth: March 24, 2020
Sire: Suhn's Synergy 416E23
Dam: SCC Miss Mytty 30Y19

  • Royally bred with extreme performance, Alliance combines the consistency and quality of the Synergy progeny with the herd sire producing ability of the 30 cow family from Suhns. A three-quarter sib in blood to Beacon and Signal, Alliance places and impressive four traits in the top 5% with a five-star disposition to boot. Use Alliance to add extension, body, and power on Brangus and Ultrablacks alike.
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Landline 102F1

Registration Number: 10395579 
Date of Birth: February 20, 2018
Sire: Suhn's Business Line 30D26
Dam: MGR Blackcap 1002

  • The most proven producing Business Line son to date, Landline has proven himself to be a calving ease option with extra performance, maternal, and exceptional carcass merit. He is a full brother to the dam of the $52,000 Landline and his progeny have gathered much attention to date. Utilize Landline to add style and presence, while bolstering data across the board.
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Synergy 416E23

Registration Number: 10353676 
Date of Birth: February 7, 2017
Sire: TJM Three D 302A
Dam: Suhn's Miss LTD 416X9

  • Synergy has show the ability to produce progeny highly accepted by the public.
  • Arguably the most maternal son of the legendary Three D, stemming back to one of hte top female producing families in the Suhn herd.
  • Synergy progeny are consistently long-bodied and deep-sided with more muscle expression and a much-improved sheath design over his sire.
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Vorel Currency 25E8

Registration Number: 10362185 
Date of Birth: September 23, 2017
Sire: Barstow Bankroll B73
Dam: Vorel Ms 30T 25Z

  • A herd sire who has earned his spot among the breed leaders and will see increased use in 2021.
  • Initially viewed as a calving ease sire, Currency has proven to have more than enough pop to hang with the performance sires, while maintaining the trusted position as a leading option on virgin heifers.
  • The first Currency progeny on public display at Chimney Rock in November 2020 were met with great acceptance, with a number of sons leading the pack at the Suhn sale in March 2021.
  • A highly fertile semen producer, Currency is an outstanding option on large commercial heifer breeding projects.
  • Use Currency to add look, extension, and stoutness in a calving ease package on Ultrablacks and Brangus alike.
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Upgrade 55D3

Registration Number: 10323074 
Date of Birth: February 27, 2016
Sire: CRC Manziel 468B
Dam: Ms CRC Consensus 55A2

  • Upgrade was built for the Three D daughters and other like made females, passing on his useful phenotype and complete EPD package.
  • Moderate BW with an above average data pack, he provides performance and carcass merit.
  • As he has matured, his progeny have become more popular, with his daughters especially rising to the front of their replacement pens.
  • Use Upgrade as an outcross option to improve sheath and maintain an R# on Brangus females.
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Future Focus 21244D4

Registration Number: 10341247 
Date of Birth: March 24, 2016
Sire: Suhn's Foundation 331Z28
Dam: Thomas Lady 21244

  • A unique option to add muscle and maternal strength.
  • Future Focus progeny have been especially impressive when used on deep sided broody Brangus females.
  • Impression daughters in the Angus breed are highly sought after and Foundation daughters are some of the Brangus breed's best.
  • Expect growth, phenotype and excellent carcass.
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Majestik Beacon 30C

Registration Number: 10292617 
Date of Birth: February 14, 2015
Sire: TJM Three D 302A
Dam: SCC Miss Mytty 30Z5

  • One of the premiere leaders of true performance in the entire Brangus population, Majestic Beacon continues to grow the spread between BW and YW.
  • In addition to his performance, Majestik Beacon's progeny are noted for an exceptional disposition built-in, free of charge.
  • As the most proven son of his storied sire, his $40,000 dam who has produced multiple breed-leading herd sires including calving ease greats Signal and Priority One.
  • Popular domestically and abroad, use Beacon on moderate framed females needing true power, substance, and performance.
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